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4 Square Media produces several digital publications, including SmartHouse, Clik, Plug and SoundMag. We have worked in the media business for over 40 years.

Our publications are syndicated to over 2.5 million people who we have targeted via our own online operation and via mass retailers like JB Hi-Fi.

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This publication was established in 2003, in 2010 we transitioned to 100% digital. Today, SmartHouse Magazine can be accessed every month by the over 2 million people who fly on Virgin Australia and the 3 million people who are members of the Virgin Velocity membership program.

The 100% interactive publication is also available via the JB Hi-Fi website, which attracts over 1.3 million consumers a week.

We also syndicate the publication to 2.5 million JB Hi-Fi customers via an EDM.


Channel News

This publication is targeted at audiophiles looking for the latest in top end systems and consumers interested in a new generation of networked audio systems.

We deliver information on the trends that driving sales and retail stores whether it be vinyl and record players, too high-end Sonos and Bluesound systems and the latest in amplifiers and sub woofers.

SoundMag syndicates to the JB Hi-Fi audience as well as through the databases of specialist sound dealers.


ChannelNews is Australia’s #1 consumer electronics and appliance trade site.

Every day we deliver intelligence for manufacturers distributors and retailers who are responsible for a multi-billion-dollar consumer electronics and appliance industry.

Our newsletter is syndicated to senior executives, buyers, product managers, and senior management inside retail stores as well as to key decision makers with manufacturers and distributors selling into the consumer electronics and appliance markets.

Our efforts are guided by our team's long history of delivering trade intelligence, having previously owned both Computer Reseller News and IT News.


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We believe that the best target audience is one that is predisposed to buying and are now working with digital camera retailers such as Teds Cameras, Digi Direct, Paxtons, or Georges Cameras to deliver a camera magazine to their customers.

Each issue of ClIK magazine is syndicated to an audience of over 600,000 people within the registered databases of these retailers.


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plug is dedicated digital magazine that delivers information about appliances. Initiated by JB Hi Fi this publication is syndicated to 2.3 million consumers who have either purchased or have expressed an interest in information on the latest appliances. We also distribute the publication directly to our own database and to the 2 million consumers who fly Virgin Australia.

The consumers we reach are hungry for information and content.