we have a reputation for putting the camel through the eye of the needle


4Square Media was established in 2001, by David Richards an award winning journalist who went on
from a career in journalism to build the third largest PR Company in Australia and then the largest
technology media Company.


Content is all about putting the right words, images, and video together to create compelling
information that consumers actually want to hear about.

We learnt our craft by creating content that delivered results spanning three decades. This included
publications such as BMW Magazine to publications for Companies such as Shell, AAMI, Pizza Hut
and Dulux.

As a journalist David Richards wrote the award winning Painters and Dockers Series for the Bulletin.

This resulted in the Federal Government calling a Royal Commission. It was also the most widely
read story in the Bulletin in 110 years. The only issue that beat it was the death of Kerry Packer who
owned the Bulletin.

He also won a Logie for the “Most Outstanding Contribution” to TV Journalism for the Nine Network
Show A Current Affair.

After quitting journalism which spanned a career in Fleet Street, writing for some of the world’s
leading newspapers and in Australia writing for publications such as The Australian, The Herald Sun
and both News Corporation and Fairfax he established a PR Company with clients such as BMW,
Shell, Dulux, Avis, Nestle, AAMI, Sharp as well as several technology clients. We created the BMW
Art Cars concept which went on to be a global success.

This Company was sold to Ogilvy + Mather.


It was the foundation business for what is today Ogilvy PR who still have several of the foundation
clients of the original business.

In 1996 when technology was moving from the enterprise space to be adopted by both consumers
and small medium business he established a technology media Company.


This grew to be the largest tech media Company in Australia and when sold to Penton Media a New
York based Company it had 86 staff.

Along the way brands such as ITNEWS, Computer Reseller News, InformationWeek, Windows
Magazine were established in Australia.

Today, we work with clients such as Samsung, FitBit, LG Electronics, Panasonic and sound brands
such as Bowers + Wilkins, Bluesound, Jamo, Heos and Klipsch in the development of content
creation programs that deliver information to consumers in a believable manner.

We not only understand the power of content we have a deep understanding of direct response
digital marketing, digital creation and design and above all a team of people around the world who
have a unique range of skills that allow us to deliver results for our clients.